Saturday, October 16, 2010


Lord, I need a break.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


if i could pick one word to describe my life right now, it would be:


mind you, this is not a passive, mindless process.

p.s.-i'm so glad to be in seminary

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


i love analogies.
even the analogies that appear on the SAT's.

so here's one i thought of while lying in bed at 6am waiting for the bathroom to be unoccupied so i can go pee:

but first, an important prologue to help understand the analogy:

so i have a theory that laptop batteries lose life sooner and faster if u don't use the battery life to the fullest. for example, if u charge it to 100%, then let it drain to 50% and charge it again, and never let it go under 50%, then eventually the battery life will have become diminished due to its fractional use. On the other hand, if u use the laptop until 1% or even 0%, then you would have used all of its power and overtime, all of the battery's potential life would have been used so well that it will be at its full capacity over many many years of use. Hence, we have laptops that lose power normally and laptops that lose power faster than it once did when it was new.

now, the analogy:

your bladder is like a laptop battery. if you don't wait until your bladder is full to empty it, then overtime you will feel the need to pee when it's 3/4 full. similarly, if you don't let your laptop battery life to drain completely, then overtime it will have a smaller capacity of life.

i got into the habit of peeing when my bladder is only 1/2 full or 3/4 full. Now i have to pee ALL THE TIME. it's freakin' annoying. i wish i had let it be full 4/4 so that i would pee normally and not have to get up at 5am to go pee.

maybe we should all let our laptop batteries go until 0% so it doesn't have the same problem as my bladder does.

thanks for letting me share this.

i feel better now.

photo props: me. spring wind blowing on tree form of sperm and egg.

Friday, June 4, 2010

say no to the dress

today i say no to the dress...
it's a good no.
the dress wasn't THE dress.
the moment u put it on, it's supposed to be like OMG, this is PERFECT.
this dress wasn't that.
dress shopping will go on :)

yes, the dress i speak of is the wedding dress... MY wedding dress... me and simon's wedding.. dress.

so tonight i start this long and stressful path of wedding planning.
it's only fun when you have a big budget.
under $10K is not a big budget.
but i will do my best and make it the most unique and appropriate to simon and i's personalities.
it will be awesome.
it will be memorable.
it will be.. us :)

june 11, 2011.

save the date.

unless if i don't invite you.... <3

pic: Simon's bunnies

Saturday, May 22, 2010

flash flash flash


but exhaustion from traveling is a beautiful thing :)

oh Vancouver. you are one great city. especially your sky and your clouds. amazing.

pictures are coming...

Saturday, May 15, 2010


ladies and gents..
there's something wrong when one cannot be him or herself in any situation.
i could never be my 'real' self to my parents when i was a teenager.
i was a crazy rambunctious wild child, but in front of them, i was an angel :)
now, when you are older of course most of the identity crisis things go away and who cares who you are.. you're an adult now, right?
think for example people who are marginalized or people who society easily judges.
not even society, but the church.
yes, the church judges.
and yes, the church is called to love and not judge, but... we judge.
we judge and force people to pretend to be someone who they really aren't so they will be accepted.
we're not talking about high school here but the body of Christ.
Christ our Lord who suffered the worst death and took upon himself all of our sins and shortcomings.
Our God suffered death.
He died, rose from death, conquering death and sin.
So that we don't have to kill ourselves with sin.
So that all we have to do is share this truth about God and love one another.

anyway, that wasn't what i was initially thinking.
i was thinking that it's torture not being myself.
living a double life when i was a teenager was mostly fun.
but now as an adult not feeling like i can be who i really am... sucks.

don't worry, this doesn't pertain to most parts of my life.
i'm mostly myself. only on certain days of the week i can't be...

sidenote: simon rode his bike without brakes. silly man.

! finally thought of a tattoo i'd want if i had to get one: tattoo of simon riding his bike. on my forearm :)

pic: bike in snow

Thursday, May 13, 2010

i have a dream...

why is it that all amazing thoughts and revelations come to mind in the shower, but once you step out, you forget them all?

today i met Gregory.
he sleeps on the steps of the church i live next to.
has the most honest and thoughtful things to say.
i love listening to him.
today he reminded me to be thankful for family.
i am thankful.

dreams (not the ones you get during sleep, but ones you think about and hope for) suck because they're just dreams.
not reality.... yet.
i have a dream.
it consists of dc, invitations, flowers, and jobs.
but only a dream...
for now.

random fact: when he works on his bike, it's almost as if he isn't in the same world as i am in.

picture by van gogh. amazing man. deep, spiritual, compassionate, humble, and broken. like a lot of us.

throat ache or sore throat?

i slept through the night with aches in my throat.. emily says it's called "sore throat" not throat ache. whatever, you wanksta.

it was 12pm and i was still in my pajamas.
one of my housemates came home from work during her lunch break.
i felt bad to have not even started my day when she had been up since early morning working hard.
i told her this is what happens when i have nothing to do and have no job...
then... she spoke the truth.
she says, "you have a really important job as the children's pastor"
i DO have a job.
i keep on forgetting though.
this is my confession.

side note: finding a job (you want, that's beneficial and meaningful) is hard.

the picture: found it on simon's comp. i miss his drawings.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


can a person ever be completely satisfied with his or her life?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my camera is being borrowed by my brother..
rainy and cold outside.. so bike is unmoved in the study room.

no camera + no biking = sit in front of computer and look out my window and wonder what all those people in the building across the street are doing in their cubicles

i think... brains are weird.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

best friends

my parents are my inspiration for love and relationship.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

circa @ dupont

1/40 sec
ISO 800


ISO 2000


ISO 1250