Friday, June 4, 2010

say no to the dress

today i say no to the dress...
it's a good no.
the dress wasn't THE dress.
the moment u put it on, it's supposed to be like OMG, this is PERFECT.
this dress wasn't that.
dress shopping will go on :)

yes, the dress i speak of is the wedding dress... MY wedding dress... me and simon's wedding.. dress.

so tonight i start this long and stressful path of wedding planning.
it's only fun when you have a big budget.
under $10K is not a big budget.
but i will do my best and make it the most unique and appropriate to simon and i's personalities.
it will be awesome.
it will be memorable.
it will be.. us :)

june 11, 2011.

save the date.

unless if i don't invite you.... <3

pic: Simon's bunnies

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