Saturday, May 15, 2010


ladies and gents..
there's something wrong when one cannot be him or herself in any situation.
i could never be my 'real' self to my parents when i was a teenager.
i was a crazy rambunctious wild child, but in front of them, i was an angel :)
now, when you are older of course most of the identity crisis things go away and who cares who you are.. you're an adult now, right?
think for example people who are marginalized or people who society easily judges.
not even society, but the church.
yes, the church judges.
and yes, the church is called to love and not judge, but... we judge.
we judge and force people to pretend to be someone who they really aren't so they will be accepted.
we're not talking about high school here but the body of Christ.
Christ our Lord who suffered the worst death and took upon himself all of our sins and shortcomings.
Our God suffered death.
He died, rose from death, conquering death and sin.
So that we don't have to kill ourselves with sin.
So that all we have to do is share this truth about God and love one another.

anyway, that wasn't what i was initially thinking.
i was thinking that it's torture not being myself.
living a double life when i was a teenager was mostly fun.
but now as an adult not feeling like i can be who i really am... sucks.

don't worry, this doesn't pertain to most parts of my life.
i'm mostly myself. only on certain days of the week i can't be...

sidenote: simon rode his bike without brakes. silly man.

! finally thought of a tattoo i'd want if i had to get one: tattoo of simon riding his bike. on my forearm :)

pic: bike in snow

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