Thursday, May 13, 2010

i have a dream...

why is it that all amazing thoughts and revelations come to mind in the shower, but once you step out, you forget them all?

today i met Gregory.
he sleeps on the steps of the church i live next to.
has the most honest and thoughtful things to say.
i love listening to him.
today he reminded me to be thankful for family.
i am thankful.

dreams (not the ones you get during sleep, but ones you think about and hope for) suck because they're just dreams.
not reality.... yet.
i have a dream.
it consists of dc, invitations, flowers, and jobs.
but only a dream...
for now.

random fact: when he works on his bike, it's almost as if he isn't in the same world as i am in.

picture by van gogh. amazing man. deep, spiritual, compassionate, humble, and broken. like a lot of us.

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