Thursday, May 13, 2010

throat ache or sore throat?

i slept through the night with aches in my throat.. emily says it's called "sore throat" not throat ache. whatever, you wanksta.

it was 12pm and i was still in my pajamas.
one of my housemates came home from work during her lunch break.
i felt bad to have not even started my day when she had been up since early morning working hard.
i told her this is what happens when i have nothing to do and have no job...
then... she spoke the truth.
she says, "you have a really important job as the children's pastor"
i DO have a job.
i keep on forgetting though.
this is my confession.

side note: finding a job (you want, that's beneficial and meaningful) is hard.

the picture: found it on simon's comp. i miss his drawings.


  1. :) the meaningful is there. the kiddos are going to find you when you are like 80 and say Pastor J, I remember the song you taught me when i was 7. the j.o.b. you are wanting...i think that's going to come in all our lives. keep acknowledging = He directs. I have to tell myself that like every hour. hahaha. love. you.

  2. thanks Frenika for the encouragement and the reminder of the truth :) love you!